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About Me

Wake up with Determination. Go to bed with Satisfaction.

I enjoy solving problems and building solutions.

My background is very diverse and starts with me selling bracelets on the playground during recess at school in the 2nd grade to raise funds and purchase Nintendo games, bringing me through to the present where I build solutions for companies by transforming their digital marketing and ecommerce programs through the integration and acquisition of technology and talent.

I have worked as a consultant, for brands in-house, with agencies, ran my own agency, started online companies and owned & operated brick and mortar stores as well.
These perspectives have helped me in crafting winning strategies and deployments for numerous businesses.

Throughout my career I have managed budgets ranging from several hundred to tens of millions of dollars, worked with teams of 1 to 40 and generated many millions of impressions, engagement and revenue.

I am also the leading proponent for “The Future of Work”.
We should all embrace the flexibility that technology has provided us to allow for more productive working environments that will benefit companies and talent by exponentially increasing the value they provide in the marketplace.