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Are You or Do You Know of an Instagram Influencer?

October 15, 2015 | By | No Comments

I am looking to recruit Instagram Influencers.
Those that are active on the platform, have great followings, get viewership and engagement from their network.

Because I want to work with you.

I am working with brands that you may love and we can partner you with them.

If you are an Instagram Influencer or you know of one, please use the form below to contact me to learn more.

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15 Oct


Are You or Do You Know of a SnapChat Influencer?

October 15, 2015 | By |

I am looking to recruit SnapChat Influencers.
Those that are active on the platform, have great followings and get viewership from their network.

Because I want to work with you.

I am working with brands that you may love and we can partner you with them.

If you are a SnapChat Influencer or you know of one, please use the form below to contact us to learn more.

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12 Oct


What Can Rap Teach You About Business & Marketing?

October 12, 2015 | By |

I can often be found listening to music when I work.
What do I listen to you say?
The music that inspires me most are artists that speak about doing something, putting in work, creating change, figuring something out. This is what I listen to.

That sounds fantastic, what artists and what type of music is that?
I mainly listen to rap and rock/metal.

Some of my favorite artists and groups are Rage Against the Machine, Drake, Hatebreed, El-P, Sage Francis, the A$AP Mob, Rick Ross and many others. But the common theme to much of their music is to get out and make something happen, work hard for it and stand for what you believe in.

I am in no way condoning the violence or hate that may be getting explicitly promoted in some of this music, but the underlying message is powerful.

What Rappers and many other artists can teach us about business and marketing is to:

  • Stand for something on and focus.
  • Work hard and get good at it.
  • Don’t let anyone get in your way.
  • Bring on the Bravado! Strut your stuff and be confident in your work.
  • Re-up. Do it over and over again, while making it bigger and better.

“Put in Work.”
“Why Stand on a silent platform? Fight the war, F@*K the norm.”
“Hustle Hard.”
“Started from the bottom now we here.”
“Every day I’m hustlin’.”
“Defeatist, you and I will never be the same!”

10 Oct


Why You Are Lying to Yourself About Marketing (VIDEO)

October 10, 2015 | By |

I am so sick of hearing agencies and marketers talking about creating content that doesn’t sell to consumers.
OF COURSE the marketing is selling to consumers!

If a businesses outcome is to drive revenue then any content or marketing piece created to engage, inform or sell is meant to drive revenue at some point.

So to say that the secret to marketing today is creating engaging content that doesn’t sell to consumers is a lie and a slap in the face to consumers who understand that anything put out by a brand is intended to capture their interest in an attempt to get them to buy at some point in the future.
This means we can continue to craft marketing and refine it over time so that it complies with the trends, needs and wants of consumers, but don’t be so ridiculous and say you are creating content that doesn’t sell to them!

As marketers we should be able to connect with consumers is such a way that they do not care or think about the fact that the company wants them to buy. All relationships whether in business or person to person, have a give an take, a buy and sell.

Understand a consumers needs, meet them, exceed them and engage with them in natural ways to build trust and form relationships.

08 Oct


The Most Effective Digital Strategy

October 8, 2015 | By |

You’ve likely heard marketers talk about the difference between Digital Strategy vs. Digital Marketing Tactics, but a Good Digital Strategy goes much deeper than just knowing the difference.

Digital Strategy is the guidance needed to create a plan of digital marketing tactics across a number of channels that meet the goals set by an organization. This could be generating leads, new customers, more revenue, etc.

The tactics are simply an execution on a digital channel. Posting to Facebook, Pinterest or Twitter, Optimizing a website for the search engines, running paid search or shopping ads and others are all familiar digital marketing tactics.

It is amazing how many business owners and marketers still confuse the two.

That is the easy part.
Creating an effective digital strategy is reliant on gaining deeper insight into a company, who and what it is, why it is, it’s motivations, it’s culture, the goals, etc.
Many companies do not know the answers to these questions and need guidance on how to work through getting to these answers.

This is where it becomes critical for a business owner, executive or marketer to be receptive and open-minded.
It may be necessary to constructively criticize what a stakeholder thinks the business’ vision, identity, goals, customers, etc. are. In many cases assumptions will be made and less than optimal research & communication will take place to acquire this information.

For an in-house team this can be difficult, because in many organizations the norm (everyday team) is viewed as less credible or to be questioned. In-house teams are considered to do as they are told. This becomes a massive problem in creating a successful digital strategy.

Maybe the team really isn’t that strategic and that is OK.

One of the smartest things a company can do is to bring in a 3rd party who is a well respected and seasoned Digital Strategist. They are totally objective and work on creating a sound strategy that is in the best interest of the business. They speak the truth because there is no fear of tarnishing a manager / employee relationship or losing a job.
You can still use your in-house team to work on this, but having that outside specialist will aid in driving more honest and productive feedback from your team.

25 Sep


Telling It Like It Is

September 25, 2015 | By |

“It is what it is.”

I have literally been in countless situations where if someone would just tell it like it is, say the truth, be real, everything would be so much easier.
Whether it is in a business meeting, your relationships or self reflection, the truth shall set you free.

This comes easy for me and my personality matches the bluntness & transparency of my conversations, but I realize this is not easy for many people and when being very direct & honest comes from someone who is not comfortable with such a delivery it can seem awkward.

In my experience though, being open and straight forward with information is more efficient, more effective and builds immense trust.
I personally feel it’s all good if someone thinks I’m weird or awkward, but if they trust me when I present them with information or a solution, that is powerful!

Individuals who are amazing with people could do this so well and meld “brutal honesty” with savvy charisma that generates a receptive and understanding recipient. Again, in my experience I’ve seen those types of individuals use their skills to manipulate & mystify information more than deliver truths and that is unfortunate. Hopefully my experience is so limited that it is anomalous. Unfortunately it is likely not an anomaly as evidenced by virtually every political reporter on major networks and CEOs all over the world.

I’ll keep pushing to have everyone just Tell It Like It Is, because “it is what it is”. 😉

15 Sep


I’m Looking to Invest in a Crowdfunded Idea

September 15, 2015 | By |


What I am looking for: Someone who has an idea that they are extremely passionate about and has the potential to be funded on a site like Kickstarter or Indiegogo.

What I can offer: I have a background in successfully building small businesses, designing & manufacturing products, marketing products and services online and generating revenue. I have the capital and knowledge to put your idea in front of a ton of people in a way that will clearly communicate why your idea is so awesome and get them to donate and fund your idea. Then I can lend my experience in sourcing and manufacturing to help produce the product and bring it to market, fulfilling your “funders” orders and growing the product outside of the crowdfunded platform.

Please serious ideas only! I want to work with people who are passionate about an idea / product and desperately want to see it come to life.

You can contact me here:
Or message me, tweet me, etc.

07 Sep


Alternative Hiring Methods

September 7, 2015 | By |

I recently read a Harvard Business Review article that spoke of alternative hiring methods and found a few very interesting points.

Traditionally we have used behavioral & personality tests that are long and arduous. Most people hate taking them and they are a one size fits all solution. This is great for scalability, but is likely turning off many high potential candidates and has become even less accurate over time.

What is being introduced into the talent identification process today are:
1. Behavioral Analytics
2. Web Scraping
3. Gamification

The behavioral analytics method is not new, but becoming more widely used and easier to implement with simple ways to digest the data and make sense of what it means. This data applies to internal candidates and is used in creating ideal candidate profiles for the companies them employ it.

Web scraping is used to find publicly available information on a candidate. That can be the things they have liked, shared, said, connected to and things that their family and friends have liked, shared and connected to. This is a way for them to assess cultural fit and predict with decent accuracy the IQ of a particular person.

Gamification is used to make the vetting and application process as frictionless as possible. They are literally using games and game like features to assess a candidates problem solving skills and give choices that will bring a deeper insight into a candidates likes, dislikes and work style.

Gaining this type of insight is great, but what you will find with many of the employers utilizing these methods is that the data is used to squeeze as much out of current employees and is in great contrast to the working environment of the company itself. Let’s be real, a large company using a game to assess a candidates characteristics and portraying a fun and progressive atmosphere through a portal or app is many times the complete opposite of that inside the walls of the workplace where more data is collected to ensure they are working hard, harder, hardest.

Not that this is bad, but it does raise concerns to the value of privacy and brings back images of “Big Brother”.

Is this intense focus on vetting candidates a good thing? I think so and truly believe it is in the best interest of both the company and the talent.

Is the intense focus on behavior and productivity a good thing? To a point, but that should be second, third or tenth to the focus on providing a quality product or service. Making sure the outcomes for your customers are met or pleasantly exceeded should be first on that list and that may mean sacrificing the “Big Brother” mentality / actions.

You can read the full article here:

05 Sep


What is Digital Strategy

September 5, 2015 | By |

Digital Strategy is the process of defining an organization’s goals, opportunities, vision and initiatives for the purposes of maximizing the business benefits of digital initiatives to the organization.”

How is this done?
1. Identifying the opportunities / challenges in a business where digital assets will provide a solution
2. Identifying the unmet needs / goals of the customers that align with those key business opportunities / challenges
3. Developing a vision on how the digital assets will fulfill those business and customer needs, goals, opportunities and challenges
4. Prioritizing a set of digital initiatives which can deliver on this vision

This can include the Website, Apps, Mobile, Tablet, Kiosks, Signage, SEO, PPC, Display, Email, Social, Retargeting, Video, CRM, Automation, Brand and more.
Within each of those listed there is opportunity and challenge.

A solid Digital Strategy will return huge dividends on business and marketing efforts.