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25 Sep


Telling It Like It Is

September 25, 2015 | By |

“It is what it is.”

I have literally been in countless situations where if someone would just tell it like it is, say the truth, be real, everything would be so much easier.
Whether it is in a business meeting, your relationships or self reflection, the truth shall set you free.

This comes easy for me and my personality matches the bluntness & transparency of my conversations, but I realize this is not easy for many people and when being very direct & honest comes from someone who is not comfortable with such a delivery it can seem awkward.

In my experience though, being open and straight forward with information is more efficient, more effective and builds immense trust.
I personally feel it’s all good if someone thinks I’m weird or awkward, but if they trust me when I present them with information or a solution, that is powerful!

Individuals who are amazing with people could do this so well and meld “brutal honesty” with savvy charisma that generates a receptive and understanding recipient. Again, in my experience I’ve seen those types of individuals use their skills to manipulate & mystify information more than deliver truths and that is unfortunate. Hopefully my experience is so limited that it is anomalous. Unfortunately it is likely not an anomaly as evidenced by virtually every political reporter on major networks and CEOs all over the world.

I’ll keep pushing to have everyone just Tell It Like It Is, because “it is what it is”. 😉