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05 Sep


What is Digital Strategy

September 5, 2015 | By |

Digital Strategy is the process of defining an organization’s goals, opportunities, vision and initiatives for the purposes of maximizing the business benefits of digital initiatives to the organization.”

How is this done?
1. Identifying the opportunities / challenges in a business where digital assets will provide a solution
2. Identifying the unmet needs / goals of the customers that align with those key business opportunities / challenges
3. Developing a vision on how the digital assets will fulfill those business and customer needs, goals, opportunities and challenges
4. Prioritizing a set of digital initiatives which can deliver on this vision

This can include the Website, Apps, Mobile, Tablet, Kiosks, Signage, SEO, PPC, Display, Email, Social, Retargeting, Video, CRM, Automation, Brand and more.
Within each of those listed there is opportunity and challenge.

A solid Digital Strategy will return huge dividends on business and marketing efforts.